Data in Office solutions

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Many Office solutions enable users to retrieve or modify data. When you create Office solutions by using Visual Studio, there are several different ways you can work with data.

In this section

Describes how to bind data to controls in Office solutions.

Describes how to use custom XML parts to work with data in Office solutions.

Describes how to store data in an embedded data island that is accessible without starting the Office application.

Describes how to use XML schemas in document-level customizations to create controls that are bound to XML data.

Describes how to import database files into your projects, and when you can cache data for offline use.

Lists topics that illustrate how to work with data in Visual Studio.

Provides links to topics about working with datasets, including modifying data in a dataset and writing changes back to the data source.

Provides links to information about how to get started creating Office projects by using Visual Studio.