RemoveFromCollection<T> Activity Designer

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The RemoveFromCollection<T> activity designer is used to create and configure a RemoveFromCollection<T> activity.

The RemoveFromCollection<T>Activity

The RemoveFromCollection<T> activity removes a specified item from a particular collection.

Using the RemoveFromCollection<T> Activity Designer

Access the RemoveFromCollection<T> activity designer in the Collection category of the Toolbox. The RemoveFromCollection<T> activity designer can be dragged from the Toolbox and dropped on to the Workflow Designer surface wherever activities are usually placed, such as inside a Sequence. This creates a RemoveFromCollection<T> activity with a default DisplayName of RemoveFromCollection<Int32>. The DisplayName value can be edited in the header of the RemoveFromCollection<T> activity designer or in the DisplayName box of the property grid. The other properties must be edited on the property grid.

The RemoveFromCollection<T> Properties

The following table shows the RemoveFromCollection<T> properties and describes how they are used in the designer:

Property Name Required Usage
DisplayName False The optional friendly name of the RemoveFromCollection<T> activity. The default is the RemoveFromCollection<Int32>.

Although the DisplayName is not strictly required, it is a best practice to use one.
Item True The item to remove from the Collection<T>. This item is of type T, which is of type TypeArgument. To specify the item, type in a Visual Basic expression in the property grid.
Collection True The collection from which the item should be removed. This collection is of type ICollection<TypeArgument>. To specify the collection, type in a Visual Basic expression in the property grid.
TypeArgument True The type T of the items contained in the ICollection<T>. By default, this TypeArgument type is set to Int32. To change the type, change the value of the TypeArgument in the combo box in the property grid.
Result False A value that indicates whether the specified item was removed from the collection. To specify a variable to bind to the result, type in a variable in the property grid

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