Set up the Viva Engage admin center


Premium experience

The following Admin users can see the Admin Center in Viva Engage in the Teams app:

  • Those who have access to Viva Engage through purchase of Microsoft 365 or Viva Suite
  • Those who have access to Answers in Viva through purchase of Viva Suite or Topics

Core experiences: Viva Engage and Answers

If you don't enforce Viva Engage licensing in your tenant, all the users in your tenant have access to the Viva Engage core experiences and the Viva Engage experiences. This access includes the Answers core experience.

If you enforce Viva Engage licensing in your tenant, users need to have either a Viva Engage license or a Viva Engage Core license to access Viva Engage and Answers.

Service plan Enables Comes with (SKUs)
Viva Engage Core Engage core experiences, including the Answers core experiences
Example: Communities, storyline
Microsoft 365/Office 365
Viva Engage Communities and Communications Engage premium experiences (Leadership & Communications)
Example: Leadership corner, AMAs, storyline announcements
Viva Suite
Viva Engage Knowledge Answers in Viva premium experience Viva Suite, Topics

Set up Viva Engage

Use the Microsoft 365 admin center to set up and manage Viva Engage.

The configurations include:

  • Assign Engage admins
  • Pin Engage in Teams
  • Manage other settings in Viva Engage (links to the Viva Engage admin center within the Teams app)

Screen shot of the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Through this experience, the admin can view optional and required configurations, in the priority column, to set up Viva Engage.

For more information, see the Microsoft Viva admin experience.

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