Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage

Viva Engage is a new employee experience that connects people across the company—wherever and whenever they work—so that everyone is included and engaged. The Viva Engage app in Teams helps organizations build community, spark engagement with leadership, harness knowledge and answers, and build personal networks.

Viva Engage brings people together across the organization to connect with leaders, coworkers and communities; crowdsource answers and ideas; share their work and experience; and find belonging at work.

What’s the relationship between Viva Engage and Yammer?

Viva Engage is a new app, integrated in Teams, that surfaces existing and new employee experiences powered by Yammer services. Viva Engage delivers high-value employee experiences including community building, leadership engagement, knowledge sharing, and self-expression. The Viva Engage app integrates these experiences into Teams, and introduces new features including storyline and stories. These new Viva Engage features will also appear in Yammer web, desktop and mobile apps. So whether a user visits to, uses one of the popular Yammer mobile apps for iOS or Android, or experiences the Viva Engage app in Teams, they will see the same content and generally access effectively the same feature set.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Viva Connections and Viva Engage?

Viva Connections is the gateway to your employee experience. Connections offers organizations a branded company app for employees to find everything they need to get their jobs done and stay connected. Viva Connections is positioned to be the "home" for Microsoft Viva. It's a place where people can start their day and quickly catch up and keep up with organizational news, tasks, and resources.

Viva Engage powers the social layer of Microsoft Viva and Microsoft 365. The app is a place to connect and engage with leaders, colleagues, and communities; featuring experiences for serendipitous discovery of conversations happening across the organization, for asking questions and sharing knowledge, for deeper engagement, for virtual events, and for building social capital and extending your network at work.

The Viva Connections feed features relevant content from Viva Engage, including announcements, mentions (@ mentions), and storyline posts from people you follow. The Viva Connections feed includes content from other sources as well, including SharePoint news.

Different roles, better together. Viva Connections operates at a Viva-wide aperture, bringing together content, tasks and resources in a more tailored, structured and curated experience that reflects the priorities of the organization and the user's job role. All with the goal of providing a one-stop shop, a "home" for the employee experience. Viva Engage is all about you, leaders, coworkers and communities. Viva Engage & Viva Connections work together to surface relevant content and empower employees to contribute, collaborate, work, and share.

Compared with, are there any features missing from the Viva Engage app in Teams?

Generally, all features in are also in Viva Engage. However, there are minor limitations with the Viva Engage app:

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