Getting started with Microsoft Viva

With the growth in hybrid work, it's more important than ever to connect employees with an experience that brings together a wide range of productivity tools all in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform made up of different apps that can be used individually or combined to meet your organization’s needs. Microsoft Viva is customizable and extensible, accessible from anywhere you work, and integrates with tools you already use. It also supports various partner integrations to give you access to industry-leading apps in the natural flow of work.

In this solution

Identify your business scenario Learn more about requirements, setup, and roles Get started planning and deploying

Discover which Viva app, or combination of apps, is the right fit for your business scenario.

Understand requirements, learn more about change management, and end-user training.

Start planning your organization’s Viva deployment.

Identify your business scenario

Viva apps can be used on their own or used together for a more cohesive employee experience. This document will help you understand which solutions are right for your organization.

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Use all Viva apps

Get guidance on how to prepare, plan, and deploy all Viva apps.

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Discover how you can combine Viva apps

Viva apps become more powerful if used together. Viva can help your organization meet popular business scenarios like onboarding and helping employees with wellness in the workplace. Learn how to combine Viva apps.

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Learn more about individual Viva apps

Get detailed descriptions of each Viva app and learn more about how they can be used to meet specific objectives. Then, review requirements and considerations for planning and deploying.

Summary of each Viva app

App Features and capabilities Microsoft 365 integration

Viva Connections
- Build a modern employee experience on your existing infrastructure.
- Create a centralized destination that’s personalized for employees.
- Deliver a customized mobile and web application that includes your company branding.
- Provide a unified communications channel to aggregate and share essential information.
- Target communications and dashboard cards to individuals or groups based on job type, geo, or other targeting criteria.
- Boost critical news and announcements to maximize exposure.
- Integrate with third-party providers and human resources systems to leverage your current investments and systems.
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Graph

Viva Learning
- Enable social learning by using Teams chat and tabs- Aggregate learning from connected content providers, learning management systems, and your own company resources.
- Recommend learning content and track reported completion progress.
- Add learning to the calendar to prioritize personal growth and development.
- Get personalized learning suggestions based on your interests and trending content.
- Surface learning content in Microsoft Search across,, and
Microsoft Teams

Viva Insights
- Personal insights help employees build better work habits with actionable recommendations, such as reserving time for focused work, taking regular breaks, and activities to reduce stress and improve focus.
- Manager insights show how your habits impact your team while getting suggestions on how to foster team culture.
- Leader insights show a snapshot into how your company is doing, including company-wide outcomes and leading indicators for each outcome.
- Advanced Insights has advanced analysis tools for deep diving into Viva Insights data and different ways of analyzing and reporting custom analysis to your company’s business leaders.
Microsoft Teams
Web-based apps

Viva Topics
- Use AI to automatically identify, process, and organize content, relevant conversations, and expertise across your organization.
- Make it easy for employees to find information and then put that information to work.
- Discover and display related topics and expertise from different sources.
- Show topic highlights and display topic cards in many Microsoft 365 apps.
- Cultivate knowledge using your experts and AI to refine topic pages.
Microsoft Search
Microsoft Teams
Office apps

Viva Engage
- Connect people across the business to strengthen professional relationships and build social capital.
- Build communities that support diversity, shared interests, and business initiatives.
- Spark engagement between leaders and employees to amplify vision and shape culture.
- Exchange knowledge, find answers, and crowdsource ideas.
- Activate people to contribute their experience and expertise.
Microsoft Teams

Viva Goals
- Create focused and motivated teams by aligning work to your organization's mission and priorities.
- Create and set OKRs (objectives and key results) for your organization.
- Work with OKRs for every team in your organization, including both hierarchical and cross-functional teams.
- Align projects to OKRs and track project outcomes.
- Surface OKRs in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams
Excel Online

Viva Sales
- Eliminate the need for manual data entry so your salespeople have more time to focus on selling.
- Integrate with your current CRM.
- Capture insights from your customer interactions in Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Teams
Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Viva license requirements

Learn more about Microsoft Viva licensing and which Microsoft Viva features are available across Microsoft 365 plans in the Microsoft Viva service description.

Overview of steps

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Get started
Overview of apps and key concepts. Learn more about requirements and roles. Get guidance on change management considerations and end-user training resources. Get started planning for your organization.

Steps to set up

  1. Discover what app to use and when
    Get familiar with how each Viva app can help your organization achieve certain outcomes. Review features and functionality for each Viva app.

  2. Learn more about requirements and roles
    Get guidance on technical requirements, roles, and other considerations that will be a part of the planning process.

  3. Prepare your organization for your instance of Viva
    Start organizing, auditing, and scoping how your organization will use Viva apps to reach certain audiences and outcomes.

  4. Get started deploying
    Get specific guidance on how to get each Viva app, considerations for adoption, and best practices for launching new tools.

Guidance for your users

Find out how employees in your organization can use Viva apps, and give them guidance on how to use the apps.

Viva app Description Guidance
Viva Connections Helps end users find specific content and tools by giving them a personalized destination with resources, relevant news, popular destinations, and more. Viva Connections on your desktop

Viva Connections on the go

Viva Insights Includes advanced insights for end users, managers, and leaders. Also offers custom analysis for evaluating your specific organization’s work patterns with research-based recommendations about where to focus change management efforts. Introducing Viva Insights
Viva Learning Allows employees to discover, share, and track formal and informal learning in the flow of work. Users can engage in social learning with colleagues and set and track personal learning goals. Personalized learning helps users get relevant learning content based on their own interests or recommendations from colleagues. Viva Learning
Social learning
Personal learning
Learning content
Viva Topics Compiles information on topics with a short description and related people, sites, files, and pages. All of this occurs within the flow of your work in Microsoft 365 and Office sites and apps. Understanding Viva Topics
Viva Engage Provides a place to connect and engage with leaders, colleagues, and communities. Viva Engage creates opportunities for asking questions, sharing knowledge, attending virtual events, building social capital, and extending employee networks. Getting started with Microsoft Viva Engage
Viva Goals Makes it easy for employees to view objectives and key results (OKRs) that are relevant to both them and your broader organization. Employees can also add their own OKRs and submit them to managers for review. Employees who own OKRs can conduct check-ins to update progress. Viva Goals in Teams - Microsoft Support.
Viva Sales Automates data entry into your CRM system so your sales people can focus on sales instead of spending their time on data entry. End user introduction to Viva Sales

Learn about new Viva apps coming soon

These new Microsoft Viva apps are coming soon. Learn how you'll be able to incorporate each Viva app into your organization's employee experience.

App name Features and capabilities More information
Viva Amplify Viva Amplify will empower employee communication teams and leaders to elevate their messaging using a centralized communication process that offers writing guidance to help reach every part of the organization. Learn more about Viva Amplify
Viva Answers Viva Answers will match employee questions to the right answers and experts across the organization to help address open questions and put collective knowledge to work for all employees. Answers in Viva will also leverage AI to surface similar questions that have been answered, recommend topics and experts, and highlight top solutions. Learn more about Viva Answers
Viva Pulse Viva Pulse will help managers and team leads seek regular and confidential feedback on their team’s experience. Using People-Science backed templates and analytics, Viva Pulse will enable teams to use their voice so they can help managers pinpoint what's working well and which areas to focus on over time. Viva Pulse will also suggest learning and actions on relevant topics, making it easy for managers to address their team’s needs. Learn more about Viva Pulse

Learn more

Learn more about which Viva app, or combination of apps, is the right fit for your business scenario. Then, get guidance on how to prepare, plan, and deploy the Viva solution for your organization.

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