Habit playbooks

Habit playbooks are examples of how to use Viva Insights to turn specific behaviors into habits by using the Habit-building method. The playbooks leverage microlearning, a method of learning through bite-sized lessons. They are compatible with microlearning, since the key to building new habits is starting small. BJ Fogg, Ph.D., a behavioral scientist at Stanford University, who has studied behavior change for over two decades, says that “baby steps” are one of the only ways to change behavior in the long term.

Each Habit playbook provides a suggested behavior to turn into a habit, an explanation of why the habit is important, and a goal-oriented plan by using Viva Insights to build the habit. It is especially effective if you ask a coworker or your team to join you in using the playbook, even as a fun and friendly competition.

Habit playbook examples. You can try out this collection of playbooks. These examples represent only a small sample of what is possible with Viva Insights.


These playbooks can also be found in the Learning modules.

Habit playbook template. Create your own custom playbooks for your team with this template.