Get started with Viva Insights

Congratulations on your decision to improve your collaboration habits using Viva Insights! Healthier collaboration habits can help reduce stress, increase productivity, boost creativity, and make work more enjoyable.

The information and resources in this section will help you get the most out of the Viva Insights product by providing you with a framework for building healthier habits and sustaining those changes.

Specifically, we will lead you through the following phases:

Viva Insights change steps

Diagnose your problem: Guides you through a qualitative and a quantitative diagnosis using Viva Insights. It helps you identify your specific behavior-change objective and the root causes of your collaboration problem.

Set your goal: Provides guidance on how to properly set a goal to address your problem. It includes defining your purpose and selecting the best metric to support your behavior-change objective.

Build your habit: Helps you select a behavior to achieve your goal, provides a framework for turning behaviors into habits, and deepens your knowledge of how to use Viva Insights in the habit-building process. The key documents you will use in this step are Learning modules and Habit-building method.

Sustain your change: Provides additional strategies to help you successfully turn your best behaviors into long-term habits.