Mindfulness content in Viva Insights

Applies to: users whose language in Teams is set to English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish. Mindfulness content isn't available to users in the GCC-High or DoD Microsoft 365 environments.

In your Microsoft Viva Insights app, you'll find a curated set of guided meditations and focus music, including content from Headspace. Start your day grounded, relax your mind before a big presentation, find focus before starting an important project, or close out your day with a mindfulness exercise during your virtual commute. In just a few minutes a day, meditation and mindfulness in Viva Insights can help you decrease stress and increase focus.

Start a guided meditation

You can start a guided meditation whenever you want. To find and complete a meditation:

  1. In the Wellbeing tab in your Viva Insights app, go to the Act with intention section, and select Guided meditations.

    Screenshot that shows the Act with intention, Guided meditations section, which contains four guided meditation cards.

  2. Start an exercise by selecting its Play button.

  3. If you want to do another exercise, select More exercises. Otherwise, close the window to complete your meditation.

    Screenshot that shows selecting the More exercises link below a playing meditation video.

Run meditations or music in the background

Let's say you wanted to listen to focus music while you continued using other features in Teams. Here's how you keep using Teams while also using meditation features:

  1. Locate the pinned Viva Insights app on the left navigation pane of Teams.

  2. Right-click the Viva Insights icon.

  3. Select Pop out app.

    Screenshot that shows selecting the Viva Insights right-click Pop out app option from the Teams side panel.

  4. In the resulting second window, select More mindfulness exercises and then start a Headspace meditation or Focus music as described in Start a guided meditation.

  5. Optionally, minimize the Insights window that you just opened. You can continue working in Teams in the original Teams window.

More information

For more information about meditation and other best practices, check out the Headspace app's Questions about meditation page.