Set up virtualization-based workloads support

Virtualization-based workloads let customers use the following systems on their Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs:

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  • Windows Subsystem for Android
  • Sandbox
  • Hyper-V


To use virtualization-based workloads, the Cloud PC must meet these requirements:

  • 4vCPU or higher Cloud PC (Downsizing to 2vCPU Cloud PCs will disable nested virtualization).
  • Be provisioned in one of the supported regions for Windows 365. (Nested virtualization isn't currently supported in Germany West Central and South Africa North).
  • Some users might experience a decline in their 4vCPU Cloud PC performance when using nested virtualization. For more information on addressing such performance issues, see Troubleshooting.

GPU Cloud PCs don't support nested virtualization.

Set up virtualization-based workloads

To set up a specific virtualization-based workloads system, see the following articles:

Next steps

For more information about virtualization-based workloads, see Run Hyper-V in a Virtual Machine with Nested Virtualization.

If you experience any performance issues with nested virtualization, see Troubleshooting.