Use the User settings to specify what custom shell and what default return code action to use for specific users or user groups.

Child elements

Setting Description
AccountName Specifies the user or group account name the custom shell will be used for.
CustomReturnCodeAction Contains the settings to map an exit code from a custom shell to a shell exit action. If the exit code does not match a defined value, Shell Launcher performs the default return action code.
DefaultReturnCodeAction Specifies what action to take based on the return code.
Domain Specifies account name's domain.
Key Index key for this setting in the setting list.
Shell Specifies the application or executable to use as the default custom shell.

Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-Embedded-ShellLauncher | UserSettings | User

Applies to

This component applies to the following Windows editions and architectures.

Windows Edition x86-based processors x64-based processors Arm-based processors

Windows 10 Enterprise



Not available