Create a new submission for a product

Use this method in the Microsoft Hardware API to create a new submission for a product. Prior to using this method ensure you have created a new product. For details, see create a new product.


If you have not done so already, complete all the prerequisites for the Microsoft Hardware APIs before trying to use any of these methods.


This method has the following syntax. See the following sections for usage examples and descriptions of the header and request body.

Method Request URI

The productId in the method is the product for which the submission is intended.

Request header

Header Type Description
Authorization String Required. The Microsoft Entra Identity access token in the form Bearer <token>.
Accept String Optional. Specifies the type of content. Allowed value is “application/json”

Request parameters

Do not provide request parameters for this method.

Request body

The following example demonstrates the JSON request body for creating a new submission.

  "name": "VST_apdevtest1_init",
  "type": "initial"

For details about the fields in the request, refer to Submission resource.

Request examples

The following example demonstrates how to create a new submission.

Authorization: Bearer <your access token>


The following example demonstrates the JSON response body returned by a successful request for creating a new submission for a product. For more details about the values in the response body, see the following section.

  "id": 1152921504621465124,
  "productId": 14631253285588838,
  "downloads": {
    "items": [
        "type": "initialPackage",
        "url": ""
    "messages": []
  "links": [
      "href": "",
      "rel": "self",
      "method": "GET"
      "href": "",
      "rel": "update_submission",
      "method": "PATCH"
  "commitStatus": "commitPending",
  "isExtensionInf": true,
  "isUniversal": true,
  "isDeclarativeInf": true,
  "name": "VST_apdevtest1_init",
  "type": "initial"

Response body

Refer to Submission resource for more details.

Error codes

For more info, see Error codes.

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