The IOCTL_BTH_GET_RADIO_INFO request obtains information about the specified remote radio.

Major code


Input buffer

The AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer member specifies the Bluetooth address of the remote radio to query.

Input buffer length

The length of the buffer.

Output buffer

The AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer member points to a buffer that holds a BTH_RADIO_INFO structure. This structure contains information about the remote radio's feature support for the Link Management Protocol (LMP), the radio's manufacturer ID, and its LMP version.

Output buffer length

The length of a BTH_RADIO_INFO structure.

Status block

If the request is successful, the Information member of the STATUS_BLOCK structure is set to the size, in bytes, of the output buffer. Otherwise, the Information member is set to zero.

The Status member is set to one of the values in the following table.

Status value Description
STATUS_SUCCESS The IOCTL completed successfully.
STATUS_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED The device object for the specified device was not connected.


The IOCTL_BTH_GET_RADIO_INFO IOCTL returns similar information as the IOCTL_BTH_GET_LOCAL_INFO IOCTL, but for a remote Bluetooth radio.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Versions:_Supported in Windows Vista, and later.
Header bthioctl.h (include Bthioctl.h)

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