The DEBUG_CREATE_PROCESS_OPTIONS structure specifies the process creation options to use when creating a new process.


  ULONG CreateFlags;
  ULONG EngCreateFlags;
  ULONG VerifierFlags;
  ULONG Reserved;



The flags to use when creating the process. In addition to the flags described in the "Process Creation Flags" topic in the Platform SDK documentation, the debugger engine uses the following flags when creating a process.

Values Description
DEBUG_CREATE_PROCESS_NO_DEBUG_HEAP (Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and later) Prevents the debug heap from being used in the new process.
DEBUG_CREATE_PROCESS_THROUGH_RTL The native NT RTL process creation routines should be used instead of Win32. This is only meaningful for special processes that run as NT native processes. No Win32 process can be created with this flag.

When creating and attaching to a process through the debugger engine, set one of the Platform SDK's process creation flags: DEBUG_PROCESS or DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS.


The engine specific flags used when creating the process. EngCreateFlags is a combination of the following bit-flags:

Value Description
DEBUG_ECREATE_PROCESS_INHERIT_HANDLES The new process will inherit system handles from the debugger or process server.
DEBUG_ECREATE_PROCESS_USE_VERIFIER_FLAGS (Windows Vista and later) Use Application Verifier flags in the VerifierFlags field.
DEBUG_ECREATE_PROCESS_USE_IMPLICIT_COMMAND_LINE Use the debugger's or process server's implicit command line to start the process instead of a supplied command line.


The Application Verifier flags. Only used if DEBUG_ECREATE_PROCESS_USE_VERIFIER_FLAGS is set in the EngCreateFlags field. For possible values, see the Application Verifier documentation.


Set to zero.


Header dbgeng.h (include DbgEng.h)