FltRemoveOpenReparseEntry function (fltkernel.h)

This routine removes an OPEN_REPARSE_LIST_ENTRY structure (added by FltAddOpenReparseEntry) from a create operation.

Important  OpenReparseEntry must be an entry added by FltAddOpenReparseEntry. All other entries are not valid.


VOID FLTAPI FltRemoveOpenReparseEntry(
  [in] PFLT_FILTER              Filter,
  [in] PFLT_CALLBACK_DATA       Data,
  [in] POPEN_REPARSE_LIST_ENTRY OpenReparseEntry


[in] Filter

The filter to dereference.

[in] Data

The create operation to remove open reparse information from.

[in] OpenReparseEntry

The open reparse information to remove, of type OPEN_REPARSE_LIST_ENTRY.

Return value

This routine does not return a value.


Minimum supported client Windows 10, version 1607
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2016
Target Platform Windows
Header fltkernel.h
IRQL IRQL_requires_max(APC_LEVEL)