The IOCTL_HID_GET_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR request obtains a HIDClass device's HID descriptor.

For general information about HIDClass devices, see HID Collections.

Major code


Input buffer

Parameters.DeviceIoControl.OutputBufferLength contains the length of the system-resident buffer provided at Irp->UserBuffer.

Input buffer length

The size of OutputBufferLength.

Output buffer

The HID minidriver returns the device descriptor in the user buffer at Irp->UserBuffer.

Output buffer length

The size of the device descriptor.

Status block

HID minidrivers that carry out the I/O to the device set the following fields of Irp->IoStatus:

  • Information is set to the number of bytes transferred from the device.
  • Status is set to STATUS_SUCCESS if the transfer completed without error. Otherwise, it is set to an appropriate NTSTATUS error code.
HID minidrivers that call other drivers with this IRP to carry out the I/O to their device should ensure that the Information field of the status block is correct and not change the contents of the Status field.


Requirement Value
Header hidport.h (include Hidport.h)

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