Determines whether the media has changed on a removable-media device - the caller has opened with FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES. Because no file system is mounted when a device is opened in this way, this request can be processed much more quickly than an IOCTL_STORAGE_CHECK_VERIFY request.

Major code


Input buffer

Input is identical to the input for IOCTL_STORAGE_CHECK_VERIFY.

Input buffer length

Input length is identical to input length for IOCTL_STORAGE_CHECK_VERIFY.

Output buffer

Output is identical to the output for IOCTL_STORAGE_CHECK_VERIFY.

Output buffer length

Output length is identical to output length for IOCTL_STORAGE_CHECK_VERIFY.

Status block

I/O status is identical to the I/O status for IOCTL_STORAGE_CHECK_VERIFY.


Requirement Value
Header ntddstor.h (include Ntddstor.h)

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