PEP_WORK structure (pep_x.h)

The PEP_WORK structure indicates whether the PEP has a work request to submit to the Windows power management framework (PoFx).


typedef struct _PEP_WORK {
  [out] PPEP_WORK_INFORMATION WorkInformation;
  [out] BOOLEAN               NeedWork;


[out] WorkInformation

A pointer to a PEP-allocated PEP_WORK_INFORMATION structure that describes the work that the PEP is requesting. If NeedWork is TRUE, WorkInformation must point to a valid PEP_WORK_INFORMATION structure. If NeedWork is FALSE, WorkInformation must be NULL.

[out] NeedWork

Whether the PEP has a work request to submit. Set this member to TRUE if the PEP has a work request, or to FALSE if the PEP has no work to request.


This structure is used by the PEP_DPM_WORK notification. Both members of the structure contain values that the PEP writes to the structure in response to this notification.


Minimum supported client Supported starting with Windows 10.
Header pep_x.h (include Pep_x.h)

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