~f (Freeze Thread)

The ~f command freezes the given thread, causing it to stop and wait until it is unfrozen.

Do not confuse this command with the f (Fill Memory) command.

~Thread f 


Specifies the thread to freeze. For more information about the syntax, see Thread Syntax.



User mode only


Live, crash dump



Additional Information

For more information about how frozen threads behave and a list of other commands that control the freezing and suspending of threads, see Controlling Processes and Threads.


You can specify threads only in user mode. In kernel mode, the tilde (~) refers to a processor.

The ~f command causes the specified thread to freeze. When the debugger enables the target application to resume execution, other threads execute as expected while this thread remains stopped.

The following examples show you how to use this command. The following command displays the current status of all threads.

0:000> ~* k

The following command freezes the thread that caused the current exception.

0:000> ~# f

The following command checks that the status of this thread is suspended.

0:000> ~* k

The following command unfreezes thread number 123.

0:000> ~123 u