ln (List Nearest Symbols)

The ln command displays the symbols at or near the given address.

ln Address
ln /D Address 


Specifies the address where the debugger should start to search for symbols. The nearest symbols, either before or after Address, are displayed. For more information about the syntax, see Address and Address Range Syntax.

Specifies that the output is displayed using Debugger Markup Language (DML). The DML output includes a link that you can use to explore the module that contains the nearest symbol. It also includes a link that you can use to set a breakpoint.



User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump




You can use the ln command to help determine what a pointer is pointing to. This command can also be useful when you are looking at a corrupted stack to determine which procedure made a call.

If source line information is available, the ln display also includes the source file name and line number information.

If you are using a source server, the ln command displays information that is related to the source server.