BCDEdit /ems

The BCDEdit /ems option enables or disables Emergency Management Services (EMS) for the specified operating system boot entry.

bcdedit /ems [{ID}] { on | off }


Before setting BCDEdit options you might need to disable or suspend BitLocker and Secure Boot on the computer.



The {ID} is the GUID that is associated with the boot entry. If you do not specify an {ID}, the command modifies the current operating system boot entry. If a boot entry is specified, the GUID associated with the boot entry must be enclosed in braces { }.


Use BCDEdit /emssettings command and its parameters to establish EMS settings for all boot entries. Then, use the BCDEdit /ems command to enable EMS for a particular boot entry.

EMS allows users to control particular components of a server remotely, even when the server is not connected to the network or to other standard remote-administration tools.


The following command enables EMS for a boot entry with the identifier of {49916baf-0e08-11db-9af4-000bdbd316a0}.

bcdedit /ems {49916baf-0e08-11db-9af4-000bdbd316a0} on