A video capture driver passes DD_DXAPI_SET_VP_SKIP_FIELD in the dwFunctionNum parameter of the DxApi function to indicate that the hardware video port should not write a future field into the frame buffer.

Input Parameters

  • lpvInBuffer
    Pointer to a DDSETSKIPFIELD structure that contains the VPE object information and the number of the start field.

Output Parameters

  • lpvOutBuffer
    Pointer to a DWORD that contains the DirectDraw return value.


Skipping a field is useful primarily for undoing the 3:2 pattern often introduced in some video content.

This function identifier only skips a single field and must be called explicitly for each field that needs to be skipped. If VBI data is present in the field, the VBI portion if the data is not skipped.

This function identifier can be called at raised IRQL.



Ddkmapi.h (include Ddkmapi.h)

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