Hardware Initialization with Storport

The Storport driver follows the SCSI Port driver's Plug and Play (PnP) initialization model. During the driver's DriverEntry routine, the miniport driver calls the StorPortInitialize routine with a HW_INITIALIZATION_DATA (STORPORT) structure describing the hardware it supports. Later, when the PnP manager calls the port driver's StartIo routine, the port driver calls the miniport driver's HwStorFindAdapter routine with a PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION (STORPORT) structure, followed by a call to the miniport driver's HwStorInitialize routine to initialize the adapter.

For the most part, the Storport version of the HW_INITIALIZATION_DATA structure is the same as the structure by the same name that is used with SCSI Port.

As indicated in the section Use of Mapping Buffers in the Storport I/O Model, the MapBuffers member of both HW_INITIALIZATION and PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION has a different meaning in the Storport case from that in the SCSI Port case.