Image deployment overview

Factory OS can be deployed in a few different ways. You can flash it to a device, boot it from a USB drive, or deploy it as a virtual hard disk.

Deployment options overview

The Windows System Kit can generate Factory OS images in two different formats:

FFU flashing

Flashing is the process of getting a Windows image onto a device. The Windows System Kit includes tools to enable manufacturers to flash Factory OS FFU images onto a device.

If you're flashing an image to a device, your image needs to have:

  • DevicePlatformID that describes one or more hardware configurations where the image can be flashed.
  • A DevicePath defined in the image's device layout.

Boot from a USB drive

Booting from a USB drive allows you to boot a device from a USB drive, without the need of a host PC.

See Boot from a USB drive to learn how.

Flash from a safe OS

Flashing from a safe OS, like WinPE, requires booting a device into an operating system, and then flashing an image onto the local device.

See Flash using a safe OS for more information.

VHD image deployment

See Deploy a virtual hard disk image to learn how to configure Factory OS virtual machines.

Next steps

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