Customize settings

When designing a Factory OS image, you can use the settings customization framework to ensure your device's settings are properly configured.

Settings are configured in XML files that contain the customizations available in an image. The customization XML files are then used to create customization packages and feature manifests that you add into an OEMInput file. The Windows System kit includes scripts to automate the process.

Creating a settings strategy

When creating a settings strategy:

  • Only the settings in a customization file are available in an image, you can't manually add additional settings.
  • You can use more than one customization file per image.

Settings customizations process

You can use the tools in the Windows System kit create custom settings for your Factory OS image. To configure custom settings:

  1. Use a script in the WSK to generate one or more settings customization files that apply to your image.
  2. Modify the customization files to customize your settings.
  3. Use a script in the WSK to generate customization packages and add the packages to your OEMInput.xml file.

Available settings