Preload test content

The <TestContent> element in an OEMInput.xml file enables you to specify a folder that includes test content like scripts, executables, and other assets that you'll use to run tests on your device.

Adding a test content folder when building your image ensures that test collateral is available on your devices, and reduces the amount of time spent on manually copying files from a technician PC to a test device.

You can build and test images without adding a TestContent folder during the image generation process, but copying files and running executables in this scenario is a more manual process.

Supported content types

The TestContent folder doesn't have any file type restrictions, so all files within a TestContent folder will be added to your image even if they can't be used with the image. When adding a TestContent folder to your image, make sure that the files you're including are supported on your image.

How to add test content to your image

Adding test content to your image is a two-step process:

  1. Gathering your test content and placing it in a folder
  2. Adding the test content folder path to your OEMInput.xml file

When you build an image that includes a test content folder, the content is available in the Data volume on your image.


For faster testing, you can add test content directly to a test image.

TestContent special subfolders

If you're working with a version of Factory OS that includes a container, you can create the following subfolders:

  • TestContent\Container - Content in this folder will be available in both Factory OS and the container at C:\TestContent\Container
  • TestContent\Container\FactoryOrchestrator

Gather your test content

Gather the test content you want to include in your image and place it all in a single folder on your technician PC. This folder can include subfolders, but all of your test content must be in a single parent folder.

Add the test content folder path to OEMInput

Once you've gathered your test content in a folder, add the folder's path to the <TestContent> element in your OEMInput.xml file. You can only specify one folder per OEMInput.xml, but all the files and folders within the specified parent folder will be included in your built image.

The Windows System Kit includes a script, AddTestContent, that adds your test content folder into your OEMInput.xml file.

From the Windows System Kit environment:

  • Add your test content folder to your OEMInput.xml file, specifying your test content folder and OEMInput file:

    AddTestContent <TestContentFolder>
    AddTestContent e:\test

    AddTestContent leverages the Workspace configuration file, to reduce the number of required parameters. The following parameters are available:

    AddTestContent <TestContentFolder>
    Parameter Description
    TestContentFolder The folder path of your test content folder


    AddTestContent now leverages the Workspace configuration file and longer accepts an OEMInput.xml file.

Use your test content

When your build your image, the test content folder will be in your image. You can use SSH or TShell to find your test contents under %DataDrive%\TestContent.