Windows Assessment Console

The Windows Assessment Console is a GUI that you can use to assess a local computer. You can use it to group assessments and create new jobs, change existing jobs, and view the results that appear after a job runs. The Windows Assessment Console helps you analyze the computer's configuration, find issues, and find recommendations for fixing computer hardware and performance issues. It helps you track potential improvements for a particular computer or compare the performance and quality of multiple computers.

You can use the Windows Assessment Console to package a job, load the job on another computer, and run the job there without needing to first install the Windows Assessment Console on that computer. You can also use the Windows Assessment Console to import job results to the default results library after you run a packaged job on another computer.

The Windows Assessment Console and assessments are installed as part of the Windows Assessment Toolkit, which is available in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK). The Windows Performance Toolkit is also available in the Windows ADK. When the Windows Performance Toolkit is installed, you can analyze trace files to find the source of issues that you found by using the Windows Assessment Console. For more information, see Windows Performance Toolkit.

In This Section

Windows Assessment Console overview

Learn about benefits and limitations, common scenarios, and dependencies of the Windows Assessment Console.

Windows Assessment Console step-by-step guide

Learn how to install the Windows Assessment Toolkit and use the Windows Assessment Console to assess the quality of a local computer and review the results.

Windows Assessment Console common scenarios

Create jobs that have multiple assessments, compare results, and package jobs to run on other computers. This section includes several advanced how-to topics.


Assessment Platform Command-Line Syntax

Troubleshooting Assessments