Set up email discovery to subscribe to your RDS feed

Have you ever had trouble getting your end users connected to their published RDS feed, either because of a single missing character in the feed URL or because they lost the email with the URL? Nearly all Remote Desktop client applications support finding your subscription by entering your email address, making it easier than ever to get your users connected to their RemoteApps and desktops.

Before you set up email discovery, do the following:

  • Make sure you have permission to add a TXT record to the domain associated with your email (for example, if your users have email addresses, you would need permissions for the domain)
  • Create an RD Web feed URL (https://<rdweb-dns-name>.domain/RDWeb/Feed/webfeed.aspx, such as


If you're using Azure Virtual Desktop instead of Remote Desktop, you'll want to use these URLs instead:

Now, follow these steps to set up email discovery:

  1. In your browser, connect to the website of the domain name registrar where your domain is registered.

  2. Navigate to the appropriate page for your registered domain where you can view, add, and edit DNS records.

  3. Enter a new DNS record with the following properties:

    • Host: _msradc
    • Text: <RD Web Feed URL>
    • TTL: 300 seconds

    The names of the DNS records fields vary by domain name registrar, but this process will result in a TXT record named _msradc.<domain_name> (such as that has a value of the full RD Web feed.

That's it! Now, launch the Remote Desktop application on your device and subscribe yourself!