Manage app name reservations

The Manage app names page in Partner Center lets you view all of the names that you've reserved for your app, reserve additional names (for other languages or to change your app's name), and delete names you don't need. You can find this page in Partner Center by expanding the App management section in the left navigation menu for any of your apps.

A screenshot of the Manage app name page on Partner Center.


To change or localize your app name, you can reserve an additional name for the app, and you may choose to use it in the published version of your app instead of the one you reserved when you first created your app in Partner Center.

Reserve additional names for your app

A screenshot of the Manage app name page showing the entry form to reserve a new app name.

You can reserve multiple app names to use for the same app. This is especially useful if you are offering your app in multiple languages and want to use different names for different languages. You can also reserve a new name in order to change the name of an app, as described below.

To reserve a new app name, find the text box in the Reserve more names section of the Manage app names page. Enter the name you'd like to reserve, then click Check availability. If the name is available, click Reserve product name. You can reserve multiple app names by repeating these steps, if desired.

For more info about reserving app names, and why a certain name may not be available, see Create your app by reserving a name.

Delete app names

If you no longer want to use a name you've previously reserved, you can release it by deleting your reservation here. Make sure you're certain before you do so, since this means that the name will immediately become available for someone else to reserve and use.

To delete one of your app's reserved names, find the name you no longer want to use and then click Delete. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete again to confirm.

Note that your app must have at least one reserved name.

Rename an app that has already been published

If your app is already in the Store and you want to rename it, you can do so by reserving a new name for it (by following the steps described above) and then creating a new submission for the app.

To update a Store listing so that it uses the new name, go to the Store listing page for that language and select the name from the Product name dropdown. Be sure to review your description and other parts of the listing for any mentions of the name and make updates if needed.


If your app has packages and/or Store listings in multiple languages, you'll need to update the packages and/or Store listings for every language in which the name needs to be updated.

Once your app has been published with the new name, you can delete any older names that you no longer need to use.


Each app appears in Partner Center using the first name which you reserved for it. If you've followed the steps above to rename an app, and you'd like it to appear in Partner Center using the new name, you must delete the original name (by clicking Delete on the Manage app names page).