Windows UI Library 2.8

WinUI 2.8 is the latest stable release of the Windows UI Library (WinUI) for UWP applications (and desktop applications using XAML Islands).


For more information on building Windows desktop and UWP apps with the latest version of WinUI 3, see Windows UI Library 3.

WinUI is hosted in the Windows UI Library repo on GitHub where we welcome bug reports, feature requests, and community code contributions.

All stable releases (and prereleases) are available for download from our GitHub release page or from our NuGet page.

WinUI packages can be added to Visual Studio projects through the NuGet package manager. For more information, see Getting started with the Windows UI 2 Library.

What's New



For more info, design guidance, and code examples, see Design and code Windows apps.

The WinUI 3 Gallery and WinUI 2 Gallery apps include interactive examples of most WinUI 3 and WinUI 2 controls, features, and functionality.

If installed already, open them by clicking the following links: WinUI 3 Gallery or WinUI 2 Gallery.

If they are not installed, you can download the WinUI 3 Gallery and the WinUI 2 Gallery from the Microsoft Store.

You can also get the source code for both from GitHub (use the main branch for WinUI 3 and the winui2 branch for WinUI 2).

Other updates

  • See our Notable Changes list for many of the GitHub issues addressed in this release.