Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 client and server compatibility

This section describes changes in the operating system that you should pay special attention to due to the potential impacts on existing apps and how new apps should be designed on clients, on servers, or on both clients and servers. Following is the list of topics covered in this section:

In this section

Topic Description

[Operating system version changes in Windows 8.1](

[Windows components installed on demand](

[HTML font fallback behavior](

[Windows 8.1 allows only https URIs, not http URIs](

[Mousewheel input for Windows 8.1](

[Windows precision touchpad devices](

[High DPI for desktop apps in Windows 8.1](

[Edge UI is suppressed in “in-out-in” and “inertia” scenarios](

[Calling ImmSetConversionStatus() or ImmGetConversionStatus() from Windows Store apps is not supported](

[IME mode model changed from per-user to per-thread](

[Input Method manager APIs are not supported by Simplified Chinese IME](

[Some East Asian IME software input panels now send vKey](