New File History feature


Clients – Windows 8


The new File History feature replaces the existing Backup and Restore function, and offers protection for user files stored in user libraries. A set of APIs is provided that allows developers to programmatically enable File History and select a specific storage target. Documentation for these APIs is available on MSDN.

It may affect workflows related to data protection and documentation that depend on the Windows Backup and Restore feature.

We do not recommend using both features at the same time. File History checks if a Backup schedule exists and is active and if it finds one, it will not let users to turn it on. In this case, users who want to use File History will have to delete the Windows Backup schedule.


Workflows may be interrupted and documentation for the previous method for accessing the Windows Backup and Restore feature will need to be updated to reflect these changes.


Revise apps that contain workflows that are adversely impacted by the new File History feature to remove any conflicts and incorporate the new set of APIs.


The API allows developers to determine if File History is turned on.