Windows 10 Compatibility Cookbook

This Cookbook provides info for developers about platform changes to the Windows 10 operating systems (OS). We also provide guidelines for you to verify the compatibility of your existing and planned apps with the latest version of the OS. We assume that you are familiar with previous versions of Windows.

The content applies to: Windows 10

The Cookbook is for third party developers of apps and devices that are designed to be used in the Microsoft Windows environment.


Windows 10 introduces the latest OS technology and software development platforms for use by app and driver developers and enterprises worldwide. To further enhance the security, reliability, performance, and user experience of Windows, Microsoft has introduced many new features, improved existing features, and removed others.

While the goal of Windows 10 is to maintain compatibility with apps written for previously released versions of the Windows OS, some compatibility breaks are inevitable due to innovations, tightened security, and increased reliability. Overall, the compatibility of the latest version of the Windows OS with existing apps and devices is high.

This document shows you how to verify that your apps and devices are compatible with the latest version of the OS and provides an overview of known app incompatibility issues.

We invite you to check out these topics to learn how to optimize your apps and take advantage of what this newest release of Windows has to offer.


Download the cookbook

For a quick reference to all this information, as well as information on Windows as a service, supporting apps in Windows, and optimized strategies for testing your app, download the Windows 10 Compatibility Cookbook.

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