Update Compliance was retired on March 31, 2023 and the service has been removed. Update Compliance has been replaced by Windows Update for Business reports. Support for Update Compliance ended on March 31, 2023.

WaaSInsiderStatus records contain device-centric data and acts as the device record for devices on Windows Insider Program builds in Update Compliance. Each record provided in daily snapshots maps to a single device in a single tenant. This table has data such as the current device's installed version of Windows, whether it is on the latest available updates, and whether the device needs attention. Insider devices have fewer fields than WaaSUpdateStatus.

Field Type Example Description
Computer string JohnPC-Contoso User or Organization-provided device name. If this value appears as '#', then Device Name may not be sent through telemetry. To enable Device Name to be sent with telemetry, see Enabling Device Name in Telemetry.
ComputerID string g:6755412281299915 Microsoft Global Device Identifier. This value is an internal identifier used by Microsoft. A connection to the end-user managed service account is required for this identifier to be populated; no device data will be present in Update Compliance without this identifier.
OSArchitecture string amd64 The architecture of the Operating System.
OSName string Windows 10 The name of the Operating System. This value will always be Windows 10 for Update Compliance.
OSVersion string 1909 The version of Windows 10. This value typically is of the format of the year of the version's release, following the month. In this example, 1909 corresponds to 2019-09 (September). This value maps to the Major portion of OSBuild.
OSBuild string 18363.720 The currently installed Windows 10 Build, in the format Major.Revision. Major corresponds to which Feature Update the device is on, whereas Revision corresponds to which quality update the device is on. Mappings between Feature release and Major, as well as Revision and KBs, are available at aka.ms/win10releaseinfo.
OSRevisionNumber int 720 An integer value for the revision number of the currently installed Windows 10 OSBuild on the device.
OSEdition string Enterprise The Windows 10 Edition or SKU.
OSFamily string Windows.Desktop The Device Family of the device. Only Windows.Desktop is currently supported.
OSServicingBranch string Semi-Annual The Servicing Branch or Servicing Channel the device is on. Dictates which Windows updates the device receives and the cadence of those updates.
TimeGenerated datetime 3/22/2020, 1:00:01.318 PM A DateTime corresponding to the moment Azure Monitor Logs ingested this record to your Log Analytics workspace.
LastScan datetime 3/22/2020, 2:00:00.436 AM A DateTime corresponding to the last time the device sent data to Microsoft. This value does not necessarily mean all data that is needed to populate all fields Update Compliance uses was sent; this value is more like a "heartbeat".