Creating AltspaceVR content

AltspaceVR is an excellent community for developers who want to create and share VR content. We want to support and grow that community.

MRE (Mixed Reality Extension) SDK

The MRE SDK is the new SDK for building AltspaceVR extensions using Node.JS.

To get started:

  1. Install AltspaceVR from Steam or the Oculus Store.

  2. Create an AltspaceVR account, and then familiarize yourself with the AltspaceVR app.

  3. Install Git command line tools.

  4. Go to the MRE SDK Samples repository and follow the step-by-step instructions to build and run a sample.

You can also:

Integrating the MRE SDK into your own app

If you have made your own app or game in Unity3D, and want to run MREs inside your app, you should look at the MRE Unity Client Library repository.

World Editor

Inside AltspaceVR, you can use our built-in World Editor in your home space--this is the easiest way to modify your space. Using the World Editor, you can place 3D objects, teleporters and extensions (MREs) and change the world skybox. To learn more, see Getting Started With the World Editor.

If you join the Early Access program, you'll also be able to create additional worlds on the AltspaceVR My Worlds page.

There's also a wonderful video on YouTube that covers the end-to-end process of building worlds, including the website, the World Editor, and the Unity Uploader.

Unity Uploader

We offer the Unity Uploader for both worlds and custom kits. To learn more, see Introducing the AltspaceVR Uploader. You can also discuss it on the World Builders Discord channel--see the links under "Join the Community" below.

If you have legacy Unity 2018 kits or templates to update to Unity 2019.2, check out the Upgrade Guide.

Join the Community

You can reach out to other community members in our Discord channels:

You can also join us in AltspaceVR at our bi-weekly (Wed @ 4pm PT / Thu @ 11am PT) AltspaceVR SDK Meetups!