Hosting events in AltspaceVR

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AltspaceVR is the premier virtual platform for hosting events, client meetings, keynotes, stand-ups, or simply providing a watercooler-style space for your team. There are many ways to use AltspaceVR for your needs today. Follow the steps here to get started.

Getting started

Start installing AltspaceVR on your PC or headset, creating an account, and getting familiar with the primary input controls.

  1. Minimum system specs
  2. Setting up ports for your company firewall
  3. Creating an AltspaceVR account
  4. Linking your MSA account
  5. Windows Mixed Reality: Installation + Basic Controls
  6. Basic PC input controls (moving around in 2D mode)
  7. Oculus Quest/Quest 2 installation
  8. Oculus Quest/Quest 2 controls
  9. Mac setup (beta pilot)

Running your event

  1. Creating events
  2. Setting up events
  3. Creating breakout rooms
  4. Customizing your world/deploying your virtual office space
  5. Securing your event (private spaces)
  6. Running your event

Additional information

Have a question? Reach out to our Help Desk.

Best practices

  • AltspaceVR is built for scaling
    • Each virtual room/environment can support up to 50 avatars simultaneously.
    • You can multiply rooms for unlimited capacity using the FrontRow feature.
  • Limit customization
    • Yes, you can import an entire original Unity scene in AltspaceVR, but this does not guarantee your event or world will be performant for your guests.
    • *Customization can impact the number of avatars in your environment and the quality of the audience experience. Simplicity is key & official AltspaceVR templates are the most reliable.
  • Practice makes perfect
    • Like with any other technology, the more you use it, the more comfortable you feel.
    • Before you host an event, we highly recommend spending time in AltspaceVR.
    • Just like in real life, it’s best to plan rehearsals or run-throughs.
  • Helpful timelines
    • Create your event at least two weeks before the scheduled showtime so that you can get comfortable, test your setup, and promote your event. Having an optimized world ≠ a successful event without testing your actual pencils-down event space.
    • Finalize your Unity template at least 48 hours before showtime. Any additions after that point may risk your event’s success.
    • Test early and test often. Being cross-platform is important to AltspaceVR. We recommend ensuring that you are testing your spaces on all the various types of hardware you expect to be used by your hosts and audience members.
    • Give your guests ample time to download, sign up for, and get into AltspaceVR. Encourage guests to set up at least 30 minutes before the event starts.
  • Planning and Communications
    • Having an organized team to help is key. Figure out how many hosts, moderators, camera-bots, and general staff you’ll need for your event.
      • We recommend at least two people for a single-room event.
      • It’s always helpful to have someone checking things like email (or relevant support channels) during the event, so no guest is left behind.
    • Clear communication with your guests is important. Help attendees understand how to:
      • Download AltspaceVR: install AltspaceVR here, and check for the minimum hardware specs.
      • Create an Account in AltspaceVR. If you’re using the Groups feature, we recommend asking your guests to first create AltspaceVR accounts and then send you their usernames to add to the Group.
      • Find your event: share your event’s entry code, offer your guests instructions on how to navigate the menu.
      • Reach out to your team if they need support: share your best support contact and contact method.

What about my privacy and data?

View our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. Microsoft and AltspaceVR remain committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that you remain fully in control when it comes to your data and information. You can learn more about Microsoft’s core principles around privacy here. You can also request detailed information about the personal data Microsoft has about you related to your Microsoft Account here. Lastly, you can request a copy of your data and have your data deleted at any time if you have an active AltspaceVR account.

Promote your event

If this is a consumer-facing event, we recommend promoting it on social media! Below are some hashtags to use and official AltspaceVR accounts for tagging and posting.

  • Twitter: @AltspaceVR | #VRevents #socialVR #AltspaceVR
  • Facebook:
  • Discord:

Next steps

Troubleshooting and support