Frequently asked questions about accounts and avatars

How do nametags work?

If you’d like to see another user’s nametag, select their avatar with your cursor, and their nametag will then display above.

You’ll see a few icons on the nametag: Friend, Block, and Mute.

  • Mute: Clicking the Mute icon will allow you to mute a user, it’s a temporary mute, and you can unmute them. If this users’ mute icon is already red, they’ve muted themselves.

  • Block: The block feature will allow you to remove a user from your experience. You’ll no longer see or hear that user, and they’ll no longer see or hear you. If you need to unblock a user, open up your Friends panel in AltspaceVR, select the block tab, then unblock the user.

  • Friending: The friend button will send that user a friend request. After friending another user, you can message them across spaces, see when that user is online, and quickly join their room. That user’s nametag will also include a blue border so you can easily recognize them as a friend. You’ll also notice a counter at the bottom of their nametag, which will show the duration that you’ve been friends with that user.

When you host an activity, you’ll receive other moderation tools. You’ll now have the ability to message users you aren’t yet friends with, and you’ll also have the ability to kick users.

  • Kick: If a user interrupts your activity, you can always use the Kick button. The Kick function will remove that user from your activity. After being kicked, they’ll no longer be able to join your current activity.

  • Admin Badge: AltspaceVR has staff on hand 24/7 to assist you in VR. All staff members representing AltspaceVR will have the gold Admin Badge on their nametag.

Our staff is here to support and assist you, so please ask them any questions you might have!

How do I update my personal information?

We understand that mistakes do happen, and you may require a change to your name or username - file a Support Request with the AltspaceVR Community Team. We’ll apply the change to your account at the earliest opportunity.


AltspaceVR reserves the right to deny name changes if they violate the Community Standards or if there are excessive requests on a particular account.

Updating your email

From time to time, we understand that people migrate to new email addresses or lose the ability to access their email accounts. If you would like to update your account information in the AltspaceVR system, go ahead and send a Support Request to the AltspaceVR Community Team.

Send the request from your old email address so that we can validate your identity. If this isn’t possible because of the inability to access your email account, let us know when submitting a support ticket.

Unlinking and Re-Linking Your Microsoft Account

We highly recommend linking your AltspaceVR account with a personal Microsoft Account. If you need to unlink your accounts for whatever reason, here is how to do so:

  1. Navigate to and click Log In
  2. Click Sign in with Microsoft and sign in with the Microsoft Account linked to your AltspaceVR account
  3. Once you’re signed in, click on More > Profile
  4. Click Unlink Account to perform the unlinking action
  5. Now, you can sign in on a classic AltspaceVR account or relink to another Microsoft account
  6. Run AltspaceVR
  1. Navigate to and click Log In
  2. Click Sign in with Microsoft and sign in with the Microsoft Account linked to your AltspaceVR account
  3. Once you’re signed in, click on More > Profile
  4. Click Link Account and sign in using your preferred personal Microsoft account
  5. Run AltspaceVR

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you are trying to link a Microsoft Account, but you get an error saying “Email is already taken,” you likely have a classic AltspaceVR account with the same email as your Microsoft Account. We recommend you sign in to to link your account:

    1. Navigate to and click Log In
    2. Sign in with your AltspaceVR account (email + password). If you don’t know your password, click Reset Password at the top of the page and follow the password recovery process.
    3. Once you’re signed in, click on More > Profile
    4. Click Link Account to link your classic Altspace account to Microsoft Account. (NOTE: work or school accounts are currently not supported unless your administrator has told you otherwise.)
    5. Run Altspace and sign in with your Microsoft Account
  • If you are trying to use the consumer version of AltspaceVR, you need to use a Microsoft account. If you use a work or school account, you will get an error message prompting you to link to a personal Microsoft account. Follow the steps above to unlink and relink accounts.

  • Submit your logs if you run into any issues by going to MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > SUPPORT > Upload Logs.

  • Find more tips in the Accounts FAQ

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