Creating your first AltspaceVR world

Welcome, World-Builder!

This guide will help you create and share your first AltspaceVR World! The instructions below step you through creating a world in your browser. You can also create worlds using the AltspaceVR app in your headset.

Create a world on the AltspaceVR website

  1. Sign up for your free AltspaceVR account if you haven't done so already.

  2. If you're new to AltspaceVR, we recommend that you complete both of the tutorials. To reach them, open the AltspaceVR app, and on the main screen, click Tutorials.

    A screenshot of the main screen with the Tutorials button highlighted.

  3. In the AltspaceVR app, go to the main page and then click Main Menu.

    A screenshot of the main page in the AltspaceVR app.

  4. Click the Settings button.

  5. Turn the Enable Worlds Beta setting on.

    A screenshot of the Enable Worlds Beta setting.

    This makes the WORLDS button appear in the button bar and also enables the My Worlds option on the AltspaceVR website.

    A screenshot of the WORLDS button.

  6. In your browser, go to and sign in.

  7. In the top-level menu bar, click More, and then select Worlds.

    A screenshot of Web app with "Worlds" selected.

  8. In the Worlds menu bar, select My Worlds.

  9. Click the Create Universe button.

  10. On the Create Universe screen, enter a Name and a Description for your universe.

  11. To enable only the owner of the universe to join it, select Private.

  12. Under Image, click Choose File, and then select an image. This image will be used to promote your universe on the Web and in VR.

  13. Under Profile Image, click Choose File, and then select an image. This image will also be used to promote your universe on the Web and in VR but it appears on the Universe page.

  14. If desired, fill in the remaining text boxes:

    Youtube Video ID

    Twitter Handle


  15. Click the Create Universe button.

    After your universe is created, it appears on a new page and these options become available on the lower left (you have to scroll down a little to see them):

    A screenshot of the Administrator controls on the Universe page.

  16. Click the Create World button.

  17. Enter a Name and a Description for your world.

  18. Under Privacy Settings, select Private or Unlisted.


    As noted above, private worlds can only be joined by the owner or a universe administrator. Unlisted worlds are available for others to join, but do not appear in the UI--they need an explicit invite. If you select neither option, your world is public. Public worlds are discoverable in the Worlds menu and the Friends list.

  19. If desired, fill in the remaining text boxes and the Advanced options:

    Default Contextual Roles

    Advance Formatting

  20. On the right side of the screen, select a template. This gives you a virtual environment to start with--you can change it later.

    A screenshot of some templates available for your world.

    You can choose a template provided by AltspaceVR or one that you've built. To see your templates (which contain the label OWNER), scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

    A screenshot of some custom templates available for your world.

  21. Click the Create World button.

After your world is created, you can do the following:

  • Enter the world by clicking the ENTER NOW button.

  • Use the World Tools, located on the lower left side of the window, to perform various operations.

    A screenshot of the World Tools buttons.

  • Post a message by clicking the POST MESSAGE button.

    A screenshot of the Messages button.

  • Return to the Universes page to view all your custom worlds. To get there, click your universe name.

    A screenshot of the link back to your universe.

View your world in the AltspaceVR app

  1. In the AltspaceVR app, click the WORLDS button, and then, in the top menu bar, click MY WORLDS. This displays the FEATURED WORLDS window, which displays the world you created on the AltspaceVR website.

  2. Move the cursor over the world you created, and note that two buttons appear: ENTER and INFO. Click the INFO button and view the details about your world. When you have finished, click the ENTER button in the lower left of the Info screen.

    A screenshot of the ENTER button.

Congratulations! You've created and entered your first AltspaceVR World, your own multiplayer social VR experience! We recommend that you play around with the World Editor, starting with Kits that contain objects you can place and manipulate.

Share your World

  1. Go to where the people you want to share with are.

    To go to your world or events:

    • Go to the main page of the AltspaceVR app and on the Button bar, click Discover.

    Screenshot showing how to reach your events or world.

    • Select your events.
    • Click the Enter button which is located under the description in the top left corner.
  2. After entering your event, click the Menu button in the lower left corner ...

    Screenshot showing the Menu button.

    ... and then, on the Button bar, click WORLDS.

  3. On the top menu bar, select MY WORLDS.

  4. Find your World, and then hover the cursor over it and select Info:

    Screenshot showing the world Info button.

  5. Select Portal to spawn a portal:

    Screenshot of the Portal button.

  6. Wait for people to use the portal to join your party.

    New portal with avatar

  7. When you're ready, select the portal again to take your party to your World.

  8. Let the party begin! Your friends will see your world's changes as you make them, so dazzle them with your creativity.

This article should get you up and running with world-building in minutes; however, if you do run into issues, you can get help.

Finally, join our Early Access Program (it's free) and, when you're ready, submit your world to be "Featured." We're excited to see what you'll make!