MRTK Figma Toolkit

MRTK Figma Toolkit provides 2D versions of the HoloLens 2 style UI controls that you can find in the MRTK for Unity or MRTK for Unreal. You can use this in the design process for creating UI layouts and storyboards.


Starting with MRTK3 we are introducing a new Mixed Reality design language to developers. For more information, see the MRTK3 documentation.

How to use Figma Toolkit

Use Duplicate to your drafts menu to make a copy.

Menu duplicate 1

Click Back to files to see duplicated copy. You can use this copy for your own creation.

Menu duplicate 2

Menu duplicate 3

To download and work locally, use File > save local copy menu. Import downloaded file (.fig) into Figma using the Import button on the upper right corner.

Import menu

You can use the Pages menus on the left to open different pages included in the file.

Page menu

Open Introduction page to learn about how to use components and states.

UI Gallery and Components page show all available components for your design.

Figma Toolkit Example - Menu UI 1

Figma Toolkit Example - Menu UI 2

Figma Toolkit Example - Menu UI 4

Using Assets tab, you can browse these components and drag into your page.

Assets tab


Figma Toolkit could be useful to sketch menu UI.

Figma Toolkit Example - Menu UI 5

Assets could be used for storyboarding.

Figma Toolkit Example - Storyboarding

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