Accessibility — MRTK3

The accessibility package contains features and components to enable developers to create mixed reality experiences for everyone.


The accessibility package is currently in early preview. Early preview packages might not contain all planned features and might undergo major architectural changes prior to release.


Describable Object

To enable assistive technologies to describe, or read, objects in the mixed reality world, MRTK3 provides the DescribableObject script. By adding this script to visual components, a future reader component will be able to recognize the object and read to the user the information needed to understand the object and its place in the world.


MRTK3 doesn't currently integrate with assistive readers. DescribableObject is in the early stages of development and is included to allow advanced review and to gather developer feedback.

To enable a scene element to be described, attach the DescribableObject script and fill out the fields.

Describable Object


The Contents field should contain the text within the object--for example, a button label or the text within a slate.

Content Summary

Content Summary is an optional, short version, or abstract, of the text within the object. With a large slate of text, it can be helpful to users to provide a brief summarization of the comment. This allows users to rapidly understand the information and determine if they wish to hear the full contents.


The Description places the object in the world. In the example shown, the description connects the button with a carousel model that it will animate.


The Flags field indicates key information to the assistive technologies about the object, such as if it's important to the current state of the experience.


The Instructions field gives the user information on how to interact with the object. For example: "Click the button to animate a carousel."


The Role is based on the W3C Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) roles. There are plans to add additional non-user interface focused roles in a future update to MRTK3.


The Semantic provides a brief description of the object. For example, typical semantics include:

  • User name field
  • Password field
  • Login button

Text Accessibility

Invert Text Color

Invert Text Color

To help text objects stand out from the background, it's common to use highly contrasting colors. Depending on the scenario, it may not always be possible to design text colors that are readable in all situations.

In virtual reality experiences, you may want to provide free-floating text that can be viewed from any angle. To make this as easy as possible, MRTK3 provides the TextAccessibility script.

Text Accessibility Script

This script can be attached to any TextMesh Pro object and, provided that the font material uses the TextMesh Pro shader from the Mixed Reality Graphics Tools (all font assets in the Standard Assets package do so), the text will invert based on the configuration of the Accessibility subsystem.

Accessibility Subsystem