Troubleshooting issues for MSIX Core

This article describes error codes you may encounter while installing MSIX packages with MSIX Core and troubleshooting tips.

Error codes

Here are common error messages that you may encounter.

Error Code Description
0x8BAD0042 This typically means that the certificate the app was signed with is not installed. To solve this install the certificate and retry
0x80070032 The package contains comments that MSIX Core does not support. For example, some functionalities of package support framework is not supported. These are package support framework that calls a script that runs at the end of the installation, scripts that are set to run ones equals to false or badly formatted package support frameworks.
0x8BAD0071 This error means that you are attempting to install a bundle. MSIX Core currently does not support bundles.

The following errors occur when there is an issue with the package format.

Error Code Description
0x8BAD0031 MissingAppxSignatureP7X
0x8BAD0032 MissingContentTypesXML
0x8BAD0033 MissingAppxBlockMapXML
0x8BAD0034 MissingAppxManifestXML
0x8BAD0035 DuplicateFootprintFile
0x8BAD0036 UnknownFileNameEncoding
0x8BAD0037 DuplicateFile

The following errors are related to file issues

Error Code Description
0x8BAD0001 FileOpen
0x8BAD0002 FileSeek
0x8BAD0003 FileRead
0x8BAD0003 FileWrite
0x8BAD0004 FileCreateDirectory
0x8BAD0005 FileSeekOutOfRange

The following errors occur when there is an issue with the certificate the package was signed with.

Error Code Description
0x8BAD0041 SignatureInvalid
0x8BAD0042 CertNotTrusted
0x8BAD0043 PublisherMismatch

Other issues you may encounter

Error Code Description
0x8BAD0011 ZipCentralDirectoryHeader
0x8BAD0012 ZipLocalFileHeader
0x8BAD0013 Zip64EOCDRecord
0x8BAD0014 Zip64EOCDLocator
0x8BAD0015 ZipEOCDRecord
0x8BAD0016 ZipHiddenData
0x8BAD0017 ZipBadExtendedData
Error Code Description
0x8BAD0051 BlockMapSemanticError
0x8BAD0052 BlockMapInvalidData
Error Code Description
0x8BAD0061 AppxManifestSemanticError
0x8BAD0082 DeflateInitialize
0x8BAD0081 DeflateWrite
0x8BAD0083 DeflateRead
Error Code Description
0x8BAD1001 XmlWarning
0x8BAD1002 XmlError
0x8BAD1003 XmlFatal
0x8BAD1004 XmlInvalidData

To search for other error codes go here.

For a full list, visit your MSIX Core Error Code page.

MSIX tracing PowerShell script

Go to our release page and download msixtrace.ps1. This is the MSIX Tracing PowerShell script that will generate logs to help if you are running into an issue with your MSIX installation.

Use the following commands

msixtrace.ps1 -wait

Follow the prompt the script present to generate the logs. Or use the following commands.

msixtrace.ps1 -start

Install the MSIX package. When complete finish with the following command.

msixtrace.ps1 -stop