ADSI Functions

Active Directory Service Interfaces expose the following helper functions to clients that do not use Automation.

Function Description
ADsBuildEnumerator Creates an enumerator object for the specified ADSI container object.
ADsBuildVarArrayInt Builds a variant array from an array of DWORDs.
ADsBuildVarArrayStr Builds a variant array from an array of Unicode strings.
ADsEncodeBinaryData Converts a blob of binary data to the format suitable for a search filter.
ADsEnumerateNext Populates a variant array with elements retrieved from the specified enumerator object.
ADsFreeEnumerator Frees an enumerator object previously created by ADsBuildEnumerator.
ADsGetLastError Retrieves the last error code value of the calling thread.
ADsGetObject Binds to an ADSI object using the current credentials.
ADsOpenObject Binds to an ADSI object using specified credentials
ADsSetLastError Sets the error code value of the calling thread.
AllocADsMem Allocates a block of memory.
AllocADsStr Allocates memory for a given string.
FreeADsMem Frees the memory allocated by AllocADsMem.
FreeADsStr Frees the memory allocated for the given string.
ReallocADsMem Assigns the existing memory content to a newly created memory location.
ReallocADsStr Replaces an existing string with a new one.


The following ADSI functions are obsolete.

Function Description
AdsFreeAllErrorRecords Obsolete.
AdsDecodeBinaryData Obsolete.
PropVariantToAdsType Obsolete.
AdsTypeToPropVariant Obsolete.
AdsFreeAdsValues Obsolete.
InitAdsMem Obsolete.
AssertAdsmemLeaks Obsolete.
DumpMemorytracker Obsolete.