BatteryClassSystemControl function (batclass.h)

The BatteryClassSystemControl routine processes WMI IRPs on behalf of a battery miniclass driver.


  [in]      PVOID          ClassData,
  [in]      PVOID          WmiLibContext,
  [in]      PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject,
  [in, out] PIRP           Irp,
  [out]     PVOID          Disposition


[in] ClassData

Pointer to a battery class handle that was previously received from BatteryClassInitializeDevice.

[in] WmiLibContext

Pointer to a WMILIB_CONTEXT structure. The structure provides WMI registration information, and dispatch routines for driver-specific WMI request processing.

[in] DeviceObject

Pointer to the driver's device object.

[in, out] Irp

Pointer to the IRP that contains the WMI request.

[out] Disposition

Pointer to a memory location that the routine uses to return information about how it handled the IRP. See WmiSystemControl for a description of the possible values returned.

Return value

BatteryClassSystemControl returns STATUS_SUCCESS on success, and the appropriate error code on failure.


Battery miniclass drivers must call this routine instead of WmiSystemControl. It provides the same functionality as WmiSystemControl, but it also ensures that the driver registers the WMI classes that the battery class driver handles on behalf of the miniclass driver.

A battery miniclass driver's DpWmiQueryDataBlock routine, which is specified by the QueryWmiDataBlock member of WMILIB_CONTEXT, must call the BatteryClassQueryWmiDataBlock routine to allow the battery class driver to process the query for the WMI classes it handles on behalf of the miniclass driver.


Target Platform Desktop
Header batclass.h (include Batclass.h)
Library Battc.lib

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