ID2D1Brush::GetOpacity method (d2d1.h)

Gets the degree of opacity of this brush.


FLOAT GetOpacity();

Return value


A value between zero and 1 that indicates the opacity of the brush. This value is a constant multiplier that linearly scales the alpha value of all pixels filled by the brush. The opacity values are clamped in the range 0–1 before they are multiplied together.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP2 and Platform Update for Windows Vista [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 with SP2 and Platform Update for Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header d2d1.h
Library D2d1.lib
DLL D2d1.dll

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