ID3D11DeviceContext::HSSetShaderResources method (d3d11.h)

Bind an array of shader resources to the hull-shader stage.


void HSSetShaderResources(
  [in]           UINT                     StartSlot,
  [in]           UINT                     NumViews,
  [in, optional] ID3D11ShaderResourceView * const *ppShaderResourceViews


[in] StartSlot

Type: UINT

Index into the device's zero-based array to begin setting shader resources to (ranges from 0 to D3D11_COMMONSHADER_INPUT_RESOURCE_SLOT_COUNT - 1).

[in] NumViews

Type: UINT

Number of shader resources to set. Up to a maximum of 128 slots are available for shader resources(ranges from 0 to D3D11_COMMONSHADER_INPUT_RESOURCE_SLOT_COUNT - StartSlot).

[in, optional] ppShaderResourceViews

Type: ID3D11ShaderResourceView*

Array of shader resource view interfaces to set to the device.

Return value



If an overlapping resource view is already bound to an output slot, such as a render target, then the method will fill the destination shader resource slot with NULL.

For information about creating shader-resource views, see ID3D11Device::CreateShaderResourceView.

The method will hold a reference to the interfaces passed in. This differs from the device state behavior in Direct3D 10.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d11.h
Library D3D11.lib

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