D3DDecompressShaders function (d3dcompiler.h)

Note  You can use this API to develop your Windows Store apps, but you can't use it in apps that you submit to the Windows Store.
Decompresses one or more shaders from a compressed set.


HRESULT D3DDecompressShaders(
  [in]            LPCVOID  pSrcData,
  [in]            SIZE_T   SrcDataSize,
  [in]            UINT     uNumShaders,
  [in]            UINT     uStartIndex,
  [in, optional]  UINT     *pIndices,
  [in]            UINT     uFlags,
  [out]           ID3DBlob **ppShaders,
  [out, optional] UINT     *pTotalShaders


[in] pSrcData


A pointer to uncompiled shader data; either ASCII HLSL code or a compiled effect.

[in] SrcDataSize

Type: SIZE_T

Length of uncompiled shader data that pSrcData points to.

[in] uNumShaders

Type: UINT

The number of shaders to decompress.

[in] uStartIndex

Type: UINT

The index of the first shader to decompress.

[in, optional] pIndices

Type: UINT*

An array of indexes that represent the shaders to decompress.

[in] uFlags

Type: UINT

Flags that indicate how to decompress. Currently, no flags are defined.

[out] ppShaders

Type: ID3DBlob**

The address of a pointer to the ID3DBlob interface that is used to retrieve the decompressed shader data.

[out, optional] pTotalShaders

Type: UINT*

A pointer to a variable that receives the total number of shaders that D3DDecompressShaders decompressed.

Return value


Returns one of the Direct3D 11 return codes.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3dcompiler.h
Library D3DCompiler.lib
DLL D3DCompiler_47.dll

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