DsGetForestTrustInformationW function (dsgetdc.h)

The DsGetForestTrustInformationW function obtains forest trust data for a specified domain.


DSGETDCAPI DWORD DsGetForestTrustInformationW(
  [in, optional] LPCWSTR                       ServerName,
  [in, optional] LPCWSTR                       TrustedDomainName,
  [in]           DWORD                         Flags,
  [out]          PLSA_FOREST_TRUST_INFORMATION *ForestTrustInfo


[in, optional] ServerName

Contains the name of the domain controller that DsGetForestTrustInformationW is connected to remotely. The caller must be an authenticated user on this server. If this parameter is NULL, the local server is used.

[in, optional] TrustedDomainName

Contains the NETBIOS or DNS name of the trusted domain that the forest trust data is to be retrieved for. This domain must have the TRUST_ATTRIBUTE_FOREST_TRANSITIVE trust attribute. For more information, see TRUSTED_DOMAIN_INFORMATION_EX.

If this parameter is NULL, the forest trust data for the domain hosted by ServerName is retrieved.

[in] Flags

Contains a set of flags that modify the behavior of this function. This can be zero or the following value.


If this flag is set, DsGetForestTrustInformationW will update the forest trust data of the trusted domain identified by the TrustedDomainName parameter. In this case, the TrustedDomainName parameter cannot be NULL. The caller must have access to modify the trust data or ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED is returned.

This flag is only valid if ServerName specifies the primary domain controller of the domain.

[out] ForestTrustInfo

Pointer to an LSA_FOREST_TRUST_INFORMATION structure pointer that receives the forest trust data that describes the namespaces claimed by the domain specified by TrustedDomainName. The Time member of all returned records will be zero.

The caller must free this structure when it is no longer required by calling NetApiBufferFree.

Return value

Returns NO_ERROR if successful or a Win32 error code otherwise. Possible error codes include the following.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header dsgetdc.h
Library Netapi32.lib
DLL Netapi32.dll

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