FilterCreate function (fltuser.h)

The FilterCreate function creates a handle for the given minifilter.


HRESULT FilterCreate(
  [in]  LPCWSTR lpFilterName,
  [out] HFILTER *hFilter


[in] lpFilterName

Pointer to a null-terminated wide-character string containing the name of the minifilter. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

[out] hFilter

Pointer to a caller-allocated variable that receives a handle for the minifilter if the call to FilterCreate succeeds; otherwise, it receives INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.

Return value

FilterCreate returns S_OK if successful. Otherwise, it returns an error value.


A user-mode application calls FilterCreate to create a handle that can be used to communicate with a kernel-mode minifilter. The returned minifilter handle can be passed as a parameter to functions such as FilterGetInformation.

To close a filter handle returned by FilterCreate, call FilterClose.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Universal
Header fltuser.h (include Fltuser.h)
Library FltLib.lib
DLL FltLib.dll

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