GetPS2ColorRenderingDictionary function (icm.h)

Retrieves the PostScript Level 2 color rendering dictionary from the specified ICC color profile.


BOOL GetPS2ColorRenderingDictionary(
  HPROFILE hProfile,
  DWORD    dwIntent,
  PBYTE    pPS2ColorRenderingDictionary,
  PDWORD   pcbPS2ColorRenderingDictionary,
  PBOOL    pbBinary



Specifies a handle to the ICC color profile in question.


Specifies the desired rendering intent for the color rendering dictionary. Valid values are:


For more information, see Rendering intents.


Pointer to a buffer in which the color rendering dictionary is to be placed. If the pBuffer pointer is set to NULL, the required buffer size is returned in *pcbSize.


Pointer to a variable containing the size of the buffer in bytes. On return, the variable contains the number of bytes actually copied.


Pointer to a Boolean variable. If TRUE, the color rendering dictionary could be copied in binary form. If FALSE, the dictionary will be encoded in ASCII85 form. On return, this Boolean variable indicates whether the dictionary was actually binary (TRUE) or ASCII85 (FALSE).

Return value

If this function succeeds, the return value is TRUE. It also returns TRUE if the pBuffer parameter is NULL and the size required for the buffer is copied into pcbSize.

If this function fails, the return value is FALSE.


If the dictionary is not available in the profile, the GetPS2ColorRenderingDictionary function builds one using the profile contents. This dictionary can then be used as the operand for the PostScript Level 2 setcolorrendering operator.

This method does not support WCS profiles.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Header icm.h
Library Mscms.lib
DLL Mscms.dll

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