IWMDMEnumDevice::Next method (mswmdm.h)

The Next method returns a pointer to the next device, represented by an IWMDMDevice interface.


  [in]  ULONG       celt,
  [out] IWMDMDevice **ppDevice,
  [out] ULONG       *pceltFetched


[in] celt

Number of devices requested.

[out] ppDevice

Pointer to caller-allocated array of IWMDMDevice interface pointers. The size of this array must be IWMDMDevice *[celt]. The caller must release these interfaces when done with them. To avoid allocating a whole array, simply pass in the address of a pointer to an IWMDMDevice interface, as shown in Remarks.

[out] pceltFetched

Pointer to a variable that receives the number of devices (interfaces) returned.

Return value

The method returns an HRESULT. All the interface methods in Windows Media Device Manager can return any of the following classes of error codes:

  • Standard COM error codes
  • Windows error codes converted to HRESULT values
  • Windows Media Device Manager error codes
For an extensive list of possible error codes, see Error Codes.


The returned device interface(s) are based on a cached list of devices. If a Plug and Play device is attached or removed, the current enumerator will not reflect that, and therefore, Next will return devices based on the cached list. Applications should obtain a new enumerator object by calling IWMDeviceManager::EnumDevices to get a refreshed list of devices.

If you only want to retrieve a single interface at a time, you do not need to allocate an array for this method, as shown in the following code:

// Get a device enumerator to examine each device.
CComPtr<IWMDeviceManager2> pIWMDevMgr2;
hr = m_IWMDeviceMgr->QueryInterface (__uuidof(IWMDeviceManager2), (void**) &pIWMDevMgr2);
if (hr == S_OK)
    // TODO: Display a message that the application retrieved IWMDeviceManager2.
    // TODO: Display a message that the application was not able to 
    // retrieve IWMDeviceManager2 in EnumDevices.
    return hr;

// Enumerate through the devices using the faster EnumDevices2 plug-and-play method.
CComPtr<IWMDMEnumDevice> pEnumDevice;
hr = pIWMDevMgr2->EnumDevices2(&pEnumDevice);
if (hr != S_OK)
    //.TODO: Display a message that an error occurred in calling EnumDevices2.
    return hr;

// Enumerate through devices.
IWMDMDevice *pIWMDMDevice;
ULONG ulFetched = 0;
while(pEnumDevice->Next(1, &pIWMDMDevice, &ulFetched) == S_OK)
    if (ulFetched != 1)
        return E_FAIL;
    // Do some stuff here....


Target Platform Windows
Header mswmdm.h
Library Mssachlp.lib

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