SafeArrayCreateVector function (oleauto.h)

Creates a one-dimensional array. A safe array created with SafeArrayCreateVector is a fixed size, so the constant FADF_FIXEDSIZE is always set.


SAFEARRAY * SafeArrayCreateVector(
  [in] VARTYPE vt,
  [in] LONG    lLbound,
  [in] ULONG   cElements


[in] vt

The base type of the array (the VARTYPE of each element of the array). The VARTYPE is restricted to a subset of the variant types. Neither the VT_ARRAY nor the VT_BYREF flag can be set. VT_EMPTY and VT_NULL are not valid base types for the array. All other types are legal.

[in] lLbound

The lower bound for the array. This parameter can be negative.

[in] cElements

The number of elements in the array.

Return value

A safe array descriptor, or null if the array could not be created.


Target Platform Windows
Header oleauto.h
Library OleAut32.lib
DLL OleAut32.dll

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